Looking after your bike

Now and then, we all need some TLC!

Just like you, your bike needs regular love and care. Therefore please keep it well cleaned and lubricated. Use a recommended bike cleaner and follow the instructions. Don’t just wash the frame. That’s not the important part…

Focus on the drive train. That is the chain, front and rear cogs, not forgetting the small cogs on the rear derailleur, which can get very clogged up. After washing, allow to dry and then lubricate cogs, chain, brake pivot points. Wipe off excess oil from chain . Wipe all cables with an oiled rag.

Finally, check your tyre pressures give you the “feel” that is good for you. Road bike pressures are usually set high (80-120PSI). Mountain bikes have lower pressures (40-65PSI. You should ensure that your ride is firm, but comfortable. Always check on the tyre wall for the maximum recommended pressure

Now you are ready to ride again! Happy cycling….



The chain on your bike is the main part taking all the strain of your exertions and translating them into moving your bike. Over time all chains will wear. They stretch, get bent and damaged, especially if they are not regularly cleaned and oiled. Your chain also becomes “worn-in” with your rear cogs, that wear in synch with the chain.

Therefore when the chain is replaced, so should the rear cogs. Symptoms of chain wear problems can be that the chain keeps coming off or that the gears do not change smoothly and are difficult to adjust. We will always perform a chain check (there is a special tool for this) as part of our services and where necessary recommend a change of the chain and rear cogs.