Gold Service – The Complete Overhaul

From £120*  – Optional bicycle pick-up & return within 5 miles of Beenham / on-site working

A complete overhaul of your bike so that it works like brand new.

• Full strip down of bike.
• Full clean and alignment check.
• Hubs and bottom bracket removed, cleaned, greased, and reassembled
• Headset removed, cleaned, inspected greased and reassembled.
• Brakes removed and cleaned. Brake blocks/pads checked, reassembled with new cables and adjusted. Hydraulic brake fluid replaced
• Gears removed and cleaned, reassembled with new cables, lubricated and adjusted.

* Price excludes parts.

Although we endeavour to be as accurate as we possibly can be on our expected costs, sometimes unforeseen issues can arise. We will always keep in contact with you and offer our honest opinion on what we believe is best for your bike and you.