We offer a range of services from adjusting your brakes to fitting a new tyre. No job is too big or too small. Check our labour rates below:

Fit new tube or tyre from £12 (tube included)
Fit new rear tube or tyre on hub geared bike from £20 (tube included)
Fit new tube or tyre (covered in chainguard) from £20 (tube included)
Front and rear gear adjustment from £20
Brake block/disc pad or cable replacement from £12
Brake adjustment (non hydraulic) from £10
Gear cable replacement and re-tune of gears from £15 (cable included)
Fit new front wheel from £12
Fit new rear wheel including gear tuning from £20
True wheel from £10
Fit new Bottom bracket from £20
Fit new headset from £20
Fit new gear derailleur, including gear tuning from £25 (front OR rear gears)
Fit new block and chain from £25
Fit rack £15
Fit child seat £15