From £29* (1 hour)

A basic check, adjustment and lubrication of your bike. This includes the following:

• Wipe down and safety check.
• Headset checked for play and adjusted.
• Bottom bracket checked for play and adjusted.
• Adjustment of brakes and gears.
• Chain and rear cogs checked for wear.
• Lubrication of chain, mechs and cables.
• Wheel rims and hubs checked for damage and wear.
• Inspect and inflate tyres.
• Allen bolts checked and tightened to correct torque.
• Check all fittings (mudguards, racks, bells, lights, etc) are secure.

* Price excludes parts.

Although we endeavour to be as accurate as we possibly can be on our expected costs, sometimes unforeseen issues can arise. We will always keep in contact with you and offer our honest opinion on what we believe is best for your bike and you.