John Hammond reports:

We left Borger at 7.30am after a good evening at the local Chinese restaurant.

We had a beautiful ride through woodland and pretty villages to Sellingen on the Dutch/German border. We were sad in some ways to be leaving Holland as we were made very welcome and their cycle paths and scenery were marvelous. We then continued on across the border to meet with our German friends from the Rotary Club of Hamburg Haake: Gerhard Puttfarcken, Christian Flamme and Christian Hensgens are now riding with us. It was with some relief that I handed over ride leadership duties to Gerhard. Rolf Schnieder and Norbert Junge are also riding part time.

The joking has already started. In particular Herr Doctor Flamme stated that where he has a poor bike and great body, I am the exact opposite! I had to be persuaded not to turn round and cycle back to Blighty!

During the late morning I gave an “on-air” interview with Anne Diamond for Radio Berkshire. I just hope someone heard it. I made the point that we needed sponsors and spoke about the journey and the work of Reading Launchpad and Rotary.

I actually had my first bike repair job this evening as when riding with Christian Flamme, his brakes were obviously down to the metal. So I fitted new blocks front and rear. I then gave his bike a “once over” and informed him that his chain, cassette, chainset and jockey wheels all needed changing due to excessive wear…If only I could stay longer, I could make a fortune!

I am sure our German friends will be encouraging us to imbibe of the amber nectar this evening. That’s whisky, not beer. It could be a tough evening.