Paul Banks writes:

Hello from sunny Germany after another long day in the saddle. Today we have covered 50 miles which turned out to be 65 miles before we made it to our destination in Lilienthal, approximately 100 miles from Hamburg. We have had the pleasure of covering some of the distance on the cycle paths and some of them on country lanes and still more on some farm tracks which slowed us down a bit at times. At other times I was sure sure I would need my saddle removing from my rear by nothing short of a clinical operation! Putting that aside I am looking forward to tomorrow’s ride. We are nearly there now. So near but so far too.

Bill Soane writes:

This cyclclethon has turned out to be all that I thought it would be, not what I hoped it to be.
John Hammond has once again proved to be a true diva, demanding more food than we were able to carry and demanding constant attention.
If it wasn’t for the excellent support team that has pampered the team of cyclists this could have been a hard slog. I have mentioned John, but mention must be made of Paul and Jeremy, who have been absolutely splendid in their performance, this despite Jeremy having serious bum problems and Paul having to share a room with Bob.
Whilst talking about Bob (one of our support drivers), he was the man who managed to get our lead vehicle stuck in sand. As a result it had to be pulled out by a group of local Dutch gentlemen.
We have now been joined by our friends from Hamburg and I was hopeful that things would improve, but alas this has not been the case, since we have lost half of them in the wilds of Germany.
We will move off at some ungodly hour in the morning to support this grand group of men.
Please think of me in your prayers.