So, at last with all the planning we met at Sonning Golf Club for the off. Encouraged to be ‘on our way’ by our Rotary colleagues, one of whom had even put on special pyjamas!

The route was easily broken into three parts:

  1. Reading to Slough, all along the A4, completed easily in the pre-rush hour, light traffic. 15 miles.
  2. Then a change to the mountain bike for the Slough to Camden stretch along the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals. Another 25 miles, of sometimes wet and sometimes excellent tow paths….Who would have imagined getting so far across London without using any roads!
  3. Camden to Epping…Out on the main roads, following buses, spewing out their exhaust. Some head wind: Walthamstow. Tottenham Hale, reservoirs, past Epping Forest and then on to our overnight stop just past Epping in the A414.